What we do

Creating great companies

We conceive ideas in-house and rapidly build, test and iterate for launch. We contribute our own resources, raise money if required, and get strategic partners involved. Our aim is to grow all our businesses from infant stages to mature stages.

Seed funding

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur with a business idea or a prototype in the early stage, speak to us! We are able to support you through knowledge, financing, networking and pushing your business to the next level.

Our industries

We’re highly interested in online classifieds, SAAS-based marketplaces, mobile on-demand, SAAS layer, VR/AR, AI and network infrastructure.

Investor section

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    Venture Capitals

    Not enough good companies out there to put your money in? We have the answer. You will have priority access to invest in our portfolio companies.

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    Strategic Investment

    For companies that would like to discuss potential partnerships with our portfolio companies, do reach out to us. We love win-wins.

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    Puffin Fund

    For people interested in investing in a fund to fuel Venture Builders in SEA, welcome to our crazy journey. We have an alliance with a couple of fellow Venture Builders in this region.


We are hiring

Interested candidates, please email your full CV to hr@ puffinbuilder.com
Business Dev Interns
Country Manager
Java Coding Warrior
Graphic Designer
Entrepreneur in Residence
Entrepreneur in Residence
Entrepreneur in Residence
(Philippines )
Entrepreneur in Residence

Venture alliances

Dovalize Pte Ltd
Tin Lien
Tin Lien Solutions

Why "Puffin"?

When people see Puffins, they often mistake them as Penguins, which are the more commonly known bird species. However, both species are totally different. Penguins can’t fly, but Puffins can. Penguins can’t burrow underground, but Puffins do. For us, we’re willing to fly high, burrow deep, swim fast and do whatever it takes to build ideas and companies to change the world. Our team is dynamic and hungry to change the world. We aren’t afraid to make mistakes and we go overboard at times. We may look just like any other Penguin, but we know we are different inside.

Puffin’s small mouths could still enable them to stuff a record-setting 62 fish inside its beak at once.. Yes, we’re on a mission to build more game-changing businesses than we can even imagine. Biting off more than we can chew? Well, we choose to chew more and faster, rather than bite less.

Puffins create burrows in rocky cliffs. Their parents return to look after their young in the same burrow year after year. Both the parents take turn in incubating the egg. The chick stays in the burrow until it is ready to fly. Our businesses are conceptualized and built with us. We nurture them until they are able to fly independently. And our businesses know there’s always a home for them.